EJDER is a British lifestyle and fashion label focused on timeless streetwear uniforms, driving community and social service.

With a concept to explore the culture that surrounds “fashion” EJDER is more than a clothing brand, we are a reference point of street culture, a community of underdogs. We’re individualism over mass hype, kindness over clout.

From British Estates to the backstreets of Harajuku, EJDER IS BECAUSE WE ARE.


Following four successful years as an award-winning streetwear retailer, we have studied and compounded the array of symbolic and cult signals of today’s youth culture to now focus on our own brand. EJDER pulls reference from a spectrum of cultural and artistic influence to build an amalgam of bold colours, considered details, unusual combinations, esoteric graphics and experimental yet accessible utilitarian appeal.

Simon Suphandagli, EJDER’s Founder, past in youth work distinctly grounds EJDER within the fabric of social service. With the mission to continually empower community through EJDER’s OPEN-STUDIO and OPEN-FORUM platforms amongst other projects, Simon has rooted EJDER’s core principles in Youth Empowerment, Streetwear and Inclusivity.